Work > Furniture (2003-2008)

OX barstool
OX barstool
1/2" MDF - 1/2" Larch PLywood / Paint Laquer
30"H x 48"W x 12"D

OX had 2 objectives.

One was to create a piece of furniture that when put in place had that feeling of a built-in / structural element within a particular environment. By placing several OX's in a row infront of a bar, one is creating an interior landscape that is simple enough not to overpower the room but rather add a clean and functional contribution. Plus with the option of custom finishes can add a 'floating pattern' when installed.

The other and more important objective was to simply promote togetherness by providing the option of housing 2 patrons at once to either spark up a conversation about what they're sitting on or whatever else comes to mind.