Work > Furniture (2003-2008)

1/2" MDF / Laquer Paint / White Acrylic
42"H x 12"W x 12"D

Monster came about during the time I became heavily into the Urban Vinyl / Designer Toy culture. From this love for the genre, I wanted to take the same feel from that and transfer it into the furniture design scene.

Most successful Designer Toys have one thing in common and that is they provide an opportunity for customization due to their simple shape. By creating this option, users then become more attached to the design and almost consider it their own once they have placed their personal 'stamp' on the piece. Case in point is the Dunny Series by Kidrobot. The customized versions are rampant and have created a culture unto itself by allowing anyone with a paint brush and time to contribute to this movement.

So when thinking of Monster, I wanted to do just that. Create a simple character form with subtle details that can easily be manipulated so that the user can become apart of the ever evolving design process. It's a piece of furniture as well as a character at the same time without being too playful to the point of cheapening the design.

As for the name 'Monster', it came from the idea that when you look at the lamp lit-up in a dark corner, it almost has that feel of something creeping out of your closet in the middle of the night.